38th Annual NCCAC Conference! 

October 26-27, 2017

 The Holiday Inn Express

Lodi, CA

Also the NCCAC awards committee invites all NCCAC members in good standing to submit nominations for the following:

Activity Director of the year

Activity Assistant of the year

Activity Volunteer of the year

Administrator of the year

Please check the files & links for the brochure & forms

What is NCCAC?

In 1976, fifteen Activity Coordinators met in Berkeley, California. Out of that group of concerned individuals, NCCAC became a reality. Activity Coordinators continue to come together at our yearly Educational Conference to share their experiences, elect new officers, and elect an Activity Coordinator of the Year. We are unsung heroes (or heroines), and can be a great support system.

In California there are two associations that represent Activity Professionals. The Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators, (NCCAC) and the Southern California Association on Activity Professionals (SCAAP). NCCAC covers the counties north of San Luis Obisbo all the way to the Oregon border. Our colligues SCAAP covers the ten southern counties including San Luis Obisbo.

How can I help?

Ask yourself these important questions:

    • Do I support a local activity group and lend my expertise and talents? Can I start one?
    • Do I belong the the National Association of Activity Professionals?
    • Can I give a workshop for NCCAC on my specialty? Can I host a workshop?
    • Do I want to be involved in the NCCAC Public Relations Program?
    • Shall I write an article for the newsletter?
    • Can I be on the Executive Board of NCCAC?

Any and all of your concerns can be answered. We welcome any suggestions or offers of assistance.

How Do I Join?

The Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators is a non-profit membership organization. Our mission is to cultivate excellence in the provision of activity programming for geriatric and special populations; to advocate to and for the individuals providing these services; and to provide continuing education opportunities and supportive services.

Membership in NCCAC will enhance skills, knowledge, and the job effectiveness needed to meet the challenges of a changing and demanding profession.


    • To promote professional growth and knowledge in activity programming.
    • To offer ongoing educational programs and promote networking opportunities among Activity Professionals.
    • To work with other professional groups and organizations towards the improvement of quality of life for our clients.
    • To support legislative representation to State and National agencies.
    • To promote the Activity Profession.

Membership Benefits

    • Subscription to quarterly newsletter
    • Reduced registration at NCCAC sponsored Educational Events
    • Official membership card
    • Copy of the membership directory
    • Opportunity to contribute to the newsletter and contribute ideas, time, and service regarding the organization and its goals.
    • Voting privileges and the right to serve on and chair committees and if qualified to serve as an elected officer to the board of directors.

To join the NCCAC, fill out our Membership Application.

Contact Us

For more information or questions regarding NCCAC please email us at activitiesrock@gmail.com