About Us

A Letter from Our President

Welcome to the official website of Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators. We are happy to introduce NCCAC here and inform you that it is a non-profit organization serving the educational, professional development, and networking of individuals who serve to enrich the physical, mental, emotional social, educational, expressive, creative and spiritual lifestyle needs of elders and other people who are in

  • Senior Center
  • Work Training
  • Retirement
  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Adult Day Service
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Memory Loss
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Hospice communities

We identify these multi-talented individuals as Activity Professionals. Over 33 years ago, the first California Activity Professionals founded NCCAC and dedicated themselves to helping each other present excellence in their activity programming by holding educational events. The members themselves determine the educational topics, through a constant survey process conducted by an elected Board of Directors. The Board has 6 officers who serve a period of 2 years, and varying numbers of appointed members and Standing Committee chairs that serve a period of one year. The organization operates under a set of By-Laws that guide us in our operations.

NCCAC has three (3) educational events year round. In January, we celebrate National Activity Professional’s Day usually on the 4th Friday. In May we hold a single day Mid-Year event. In October, we hold a two or three day conference. During our conference, we hold our Annual Membership Meeting and our Awards Banquet where we give recognition to nominated recipients of the title of NCCAC Volunteer, Activity Assistant, Administrator, and Activity Director of the year.

NCCAC members receive the benefit of reduced fees at all sponsored events. They receive the quarterly NCCAC newsletter to which they may submit articles. They receive a Membership Directory enabling them to contact any of their co-members for networking needs. Active members may serve on the Board of Directors after one year of affiliation as a member in good standing, and they may serve on a Standing Committees at any time.

NCCAC values professional networking. The NCCAC Board of Directors networks with Activity Professionals in numerous regional groups in Northern California through voluntary Regional Group Contacts. Except for those members who do not have access to email and receive postal contact, all NCCAC communications are done electronically.

Elders continue to inspire us to greater and more effective service. As long as there are elders and others in need, there will be Activity Professionals. As long as there are Activity Professionals seeking networking, relevant education and skills to do their work with excellence, NCCAC will have a mission. Thank you for your interest in our organization. Please visit our other pages for our most current event, news and officer information.

Cynthia Morrison

NCCAC President